Periactin: A Medicine That Treats Allergies And Its Symptoms

About Periactin: Histamine is the major cause for all the symptoms we see in allergies like sneezing, itching, watery eyes etc. Periactin just helps in reducing the histamine from the blood thus fighting the cause of allergies. Periactin is the trade name for Cyproheptadine which also has various other properties like anti-cholinergic Buy Levaquin Online, serotonin antagonist drug and also has local anesthetic properties. Periactin is specially the first choice of drug in the case of hay fever. In case of post traumatic stress disorder Periactin can help in keeping the nightmares away. Thus Periactin act as a multi-purpose drug which is used in many cases.

How Periactin Works: Periactin is generally taken in the form of oral pills. These pills contain active Cyproheptadine which is a sedative antihistamine. In human body the mast cells contain a chemical substance known as histamine. This histamine in association with other chemicals results in the chain chemical reactions when it is stimulated by Buy Sildenafil online a foreign substance called an allergen. Histamine binds with H1 receptors in producing the chain reactions responsible for the allergy symptoms. Buy Periactin actually does not stop the release of the histamine. In turn Periactin binds with the H1 receptors and thus prevent histamine to bind with these receptors to produce the chain reaction for allergy, thus preventing the allergic symptoms.

Periactin Dosage: The dosage of Periactin is generally based on the age and weight of an individual. While taking the oral pills of Periactin, it can be taken 2 - 3 times a day or as directed by the doctor administering the drug. In case of Periactin syrup the amount can be measures using a teaspoon. Generally an adult should not take more than 32 mg of Periactin Online per day. Buy Sildenafil For kids aged in between 2 - 6 years 12 mg of Periactin can be given based on the number of doses. Similarly for kids aged between 7 - 14 24 mg of Periactin can be given divided into multiple sub doses per day. Before taking any dose of this drug a proper advice from the doctor is very essential.

Side Effects Of Periactin: Serious side effects of Periactin include hallucinations, confusion, convulsions, easy bruising, pale or yellow colored skin, and unusual weakness etc. Other common side effects of Periactin include nausea, vomiting, weakness etc... Whenever the individual under Buy Periactin treatment find any of the above symptoms he or she should get in touch with the doctor immediately Buy Clomid. This will help the doctor in administering the dose of Periactin properly. Regular monitoring of the individual under treatment is also essential so that the use of the drug can be stopped whenever required.
In case if the individual is a woman and is pregnant or breast feeding then it must be informed to the doctor before undergoing Periactin treatment. This will allow the doctor to administer the drug dosage properly. In case of cardiovascular and liver issues Periactin therapy should be avoided.

Interactions With Other Drugs: Buy Periactin Online has almost 16 major drug interactions. These drugs are Gabapentin, Docusate, Furosemide, Loratadine, pregabalin, Cetrizine and other drugs. Periactin Online also shows interaction with diseases like asthma, cardiovascular diseases, renal and liver diseases etc Buy Prednisolone Online. Therefore people with these issues must let the doctor know about their medical history. In certain cases the drug might also interact with the drugs of Parkinson's disease. Therefore age is very essential for the administration of Periactin.

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